To help chiropractors educate, empower & serve more patients.

Well Aligned Products was started by two brothers that are passionate about chiropractic and educating the world about its benefits. Dr. Tony and Bret Ebel started out creating products for Dr. Tony’s own practice because there were no modern products available for pediatric chiropractors at the time. Over the several years, the product line has grown to dozens of beautiful and functional products that thousands of chiropractors around the globe proudly use to educate their patients.

All WAP products feature: – Clean, professional & modern designs – Simple & patient-friendly messaging – Subluxation-based science & education


Well Aligned Products are designed to quickly capture your patient’s interest and get them asking the right questions from the moment they first walk into your practice! When your patients ‘lean in’ with curiosity, it allows you to more effectively Lead the Conversation with a personal approach that relates to their individual needs.

One care plan does not fit all. Chiropractic care is personal and specific. And your messaging should be, too.


We believe that less is more. Instead of handing your brand new patient a multi-page brochure or white paper full of text, then hoping they will read it all and comprehend it, Well Aligned Products are simple by design.

Our products use common terms and simple analogies that are rand easy to grasp from a patient’s perspective. That helps give your patients a base understanding that you can then build on as you teach them about the importance of chiropractic.


We constantly strive to make our best even better. All designs are reviewed and updated nearly every time we need to reprint inventory to ensure that you always have the most modern designs and up-to-date information. Times change, styles change, and the trends in chiropractic change. So your products should, too.

Don’t get stuck using products that were designed in the 80’s. Impress your patients with the most beautiful and effective designs in the profession!


Well Aligned Products are designed to be congruent with subluxation-based chiropractic philosophy, with an emphasis on pediatrics and family wellness. Any practice will love them; but we believe that literally everyone deserves chiropractic care!

So our goal to help you see more kids, serve more families, and build a thriving practice that continues to grow through patient referrals.